Change Properties:

There are several ways to see the Properties window:

Double Click the edge shadow area;
Right click the shadow area to edit its properties;
Select menu Format > Current Object Properties ;
Or, click the Properties Icon
from Toolbar.

If it is a new formatted text, check, Image, Hyperlink, Whiteout, Highlight, and a PDF page, please see:

Insert Single Line Text

Insert Multiple Line Text

Insert Check Box

Insert Image

Insert Hyperlink, Whiteout and Highlight

Insert PDF Page

If it is a a new created PDF Form Field, please see
Text Field Tool

Check Box Tool  

Radio Button Tool

Combo Box Tool

List Box Tool

Push Button Tool

Digital Signature Tool

If it is a new  drawing object, please see

Draw Line Tool

Draw Arrow Tool

Draw Rectangle Tool

Draw Circle Tool

Draw Curve Tool

If it is a PDF Comment (Annotation), please see
Select Original Text

Stamp Tool

Text Box Tool

Highlight Tool

Sticky Note Tool

Popup Tool

File Attachment Tool

Play Video Tool

Link Tool

Line or Arrow Tool

Rectangle or Oval Tool

Connected Lines (Polyline) and Polygon Tool

Cloud Tool

Pencil Tool

PDF 3D Tool

If it is a grouped object, please see

Group and Ungroup Tool

To select one or more objects, you can use the Multiple Selection by Mouse Dragging (Hold left mouse button to draw a box from left to right or from right to left).

After selection, you can change the properties of the selected objects:

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